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last modified: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 (12:10:24 PM CST)
Just started up my Twitter account so you can follow my 80s animation art collecting shenanigans

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Funtastic Simpsons pencils and layouts
last modified: Thursday, September 25, 2008 (3:12:22 PM CST)
Been really pleased with how easily (and relatively cheaply) available Simpsons pencils and layouts are. Given how very expensive the cels are I was surprised to be able to pick up some great roughs, pencils and layouts.

I recently picked up a beautiful and classic pencil of Homer strangling Bart. Instantly recognizable and a a fantastic frozen in time keepsake from the longest running cartoon of all time.

And the layouts of the Simpsons house are amongst my favourite pieces also.
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You don't need new cels to have a better gallery
last modified: Monday, July 16, 2007 (8:07:36 PM CST)
So I've spent the last 8 weeks going through my collection and selling off the pieces that I am no longer in love with, selling off duplicates or characters and cels that I picked up for a good deal but never cared much for.

Then I re-scanned all of my beautiful remaining cels and got around to scanning and uploading some of the cels that I'd not gotten around to. I lovingly created the best thumbs I could. I also carefully sorted my cels in the best and most logical order that I could think of.

The He-Man cels in particular I am proud of, I even scanned the pan cels (wide backgrounds) and stitched the images together... it was a learning process.

Anyway I'm extremely proud of how the gallery looks now and am hoping that my rating goes up as a result. Even if it doesn't though I'm feeling pretty pumped about how it's all looking.

Next step will be to go through each cel and find a matching screencap from the episode that they came to and add that to the sketches. And I will put better descriptions of each cel there too.

All of this done over a period where I've spent the least amount of money on my collection in memory!

Yowzas who'd have thunk it!
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I admit - I love my gallery more than my cels!
last modified: Thursday, July 05, 2007 (2:30:10 PM CST)
This is a bit of a tongue in cheek (aka not really serious post)... but there is a small bit of truth in this...

I love my rubberslug gallery more than my cels. I enjoy playing with the order that I display the cels in, I like adding the descriptions, I enjoy seeing my gallery hit the front page when I post a new cel... and I like getting feedback on my cels and gallery. I enjoy looking at my cels on-line so much... I check them on-line frequently when I want a pick me up.

In fact I look at them more on-line than I do the actual cels that I own. Bizarre isn't it? You'd think I'd rather pull out my cel folders and admire the beautiful acetate glory up close and personal. I do that also, frequently too, but I certainly check my rubberslug gallery more often.

I do of course love my cels more than the digital images of the cels... but there are times that I get a bigger kick out of paging through my gallery on-line than I do out of flipping through my cels.

Anyone else feel the same way?
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What to do about pieces that are "on the way"
last modified: Monday, June 25, 2007 (3:52:41 PM CST)
I never know if its the right thing to do when I've struck a deal or won an auction to display the piece in my gallery. I guess the struggle for me is that there's always a slight chance that the deal could go sour at the last moment or my precious item may get lost or damaged in the mail... so I feel nervous about releasing them on my gallery

I've seen people add a section called "coming soon" in which they display these pieces. I thought that was a good idea, but I am trying to limit the number of cel categories so I've tried to avoid doing that so far.

I've occassionaly loaded the image and description of the cel and 'locked' it until the cel actually arrives. But I always feel so excited about what I've bought that I can't restrain myself.

So this week I listed a Teddy Ruxpin cel that hasn't yet actually arrived but that I feel confident will, as I've dealt with the seller before and he always delivers. And I've kept two Gummi Bear background layouts 'locked' until they arrive as I still haven't made payment, and the package has to make a long long trip to get to me...

So guess I've decided to play it by ear depending on the deal and the seller.

Dunno why I felt compulsed to share this with ya... but I did :)
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Added a new show to the list I collect from
last modified: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 (6:31:47 PM CST)
Apparently my addiction to cels is getting progressively worse. I came across a Zummi animation cel from The Adventures of the Gummi Bears, a great Disney show from the 80s. I grabbed it because its kinda hard to find them and the next thing I know I'm officially a collector of another show. I had really wanted to limit my collection to He-Man and Thundercats...

Ah well!
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Big update ...
last modified: Monday, June 13, 2005 (8:58:32 PM CST)
Got a nice batch of cels in... with some cornerstone cels for my growing collection

Totally pumped about my Snake Mountain and Greyskull backgrounds... paid a fair deal for my newest update but was so worth it to get such great stuff in

I'm heading home now to write down episode numbers so I can finish updating the gallery to include what shows each cel came from or was used in...
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Pity I didn't start collecting this stuff a couple years ago
last modified: Monday, June 06, 2005 (9:05:08 PM CST)
Seems like most of the really really really cool key stuff from the He-Man line was snapped up by the handful of collectors who have been picking this stuff up for years already. That's fine by me cause I think there's still loads of cool stuff out there that I can snag that I will enjoy.

I'm lucky as a collector of He-Man and She-Ra in that there is so much of this stuff out there to collect still. So much opportunity to pick up great cels of almost any character. It's really a sweet situation for fans of this show...
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Bought my first She-Ra cel today
last modified: Saturday, May 14, 2005 (4:42:25 PM CST)
I was never really a fan of the She-Ra show. I'd watch it when He-Man was scheduled to be in it, but to me this was a girl's show and except for the crossovers, and trying to find Loki (sp?) I never thought it was that great. Still though the animation is awesome and there is some great stuff that tied in to Eternia. Hordak was a cool looking villain, with a harder edge to him than Skeletor had.

So I got a cel that I thought was a bit cool and unique, where She-Ra is being attacked by Kobra Khan and Webstor. It's a nifty cel... now that I've started a She-Ra gallery I may be tempted to buy more...
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Where all my cels are from
last modified: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 (8:23:29 AM CST)
Busta Toons of he-man.org was kind enough to identify where all of my cels come from... here is his post from the boards:


I'd say you're off to a very good start! - And just so you know:

"He-Man fighting Skeletor" is from "Evil-Lyn's Plot"...Background matches...

"He-Man on Battlecat (Pan cel)" is from "The Starchild"...Background matches...

"He-Man and Sorceress (Pan cel)" is from "The Royal Cousin"...Background matches...

"Skeletor Running" are more than likely stock, so were used in numerous episodes -The one of Skeletor running towards the camera can best be seen in "She-Demon of Phantos"...

"Cunning Skeletor" I believe is from "Visitors From Earth"...If this is the case the background doesn't match...

"Skeletor with Staff" that is from a specific episode, looks like "A Christmas Special" but with the wrong background...I may be wrong about that...Again, if this is the case the background doesn't match...

"He-Man and She-Ra full body shots" is from "The Price of Freedom"...Background matches...

"He-Man and She-Ra" appears to be from "The Eldritch Mist"...Background matches...

"Teela closeup" is tricky, because it could be from a few episodes...The one that springs to mind is "Curse of the Spellstone"...Background matches...

"He-Man in Green disguise" is from "She-Demon of Phantos"...Background matches...

And those model sheets are lovely!
Take Care...
Peace from James...
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