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Publicity Poster template
Source: TV
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Added 5/4/2007
For want of a better name I've called this a template. Somewhere between the original artwork, and what was ultimately printed on publicity materials and merchandise there were some boards made up. This is one of the key boards used for this purpose. You can't tell from the picture alone, but there are three layers to this piece (none of which are original art).

Each layer is a high quality photo stat copy of the original art pieces. These were carefully cut on the borders, then the three layers were glued onto the board.

This is the actual assembly piece was used to develop the printing screens. It is extremely rare and a very cool item. Not nearly as cool as the original art, but very nice to have all the same. A high quality reproduction of this piece was used as the basis for the colour correction board that another collector on Rubberslug here owns.

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