Welcome to Mark's gallery. I collect animation art from the 80s, especially He-Man cels and Thundercats cels, I'm a child of the 80s so cels from these shows are naturally my favourites

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6/17/2009Follow me and my animation cel shenanigans on twitter.com/animationcels
9/25/2008Well I finally decided to fold a few of my series into a Miscellaneous section. Managed to refrain from calling it my Mis-cel-laneous section because that little joke is very old by now.
5/8/2007Added two new series to my list, both Japanimation for late 70s and early 80s shows that aired in North America and South Africa. They are 'Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers' and 'Starzinger/Spaceketeers' of the Force Five shows.
11/15/2006Some new He-Man cel and ThunderCats cel animation art added.

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Title Last Updated
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (93) 3/29/2009
She-Ra Princess of Power (43) 7/25/2014
ThunderCats (18) 8/30/2007
Back to the Future (2) 7/18/2014
Bravestarr (3) 9/27/2008
Galaxy Rangers (8) 5/7/2007
Gummi Bears (15) 9/16/2007
Legend of Zelda (2) 6/22/2007
Miscellaneous (10) 7/17/2014
New Adventures of He-Man (1) 7/5/2007
Silverhawks (7) 5/6/2007
Starzinger / Spaceketeers (3) 5/7/2007
The Simpsons (16) 4/13/2010
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego (5) 7/18/2014

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